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What LED bluetooth speaker host modified notice

by:Chairlady     2021-01-23

audio device throughout and enthusiasts, advanced devices temporary success go to our days, but for tens of thousands or even tens of stereo and devices, we should be how to maintain, how to extend their life spans become the problem that the people are discussed, in order to better ensure enthusiasts for a longer time to enjoy their own devices, let's for friends inventory under the sound device using taboo, expect to raise their devices can help enthusiasts use life spans.

1, the switch machine order has exquisite

let's first to say friends is very easy to forget, switch the order of the audio device, said that this is due in the process a temporary switch machine, the device will be impacted by the current, harm, such as the passage of time will be burned to our device in a flash.

boot order:

audio equipment, audio processor, Frequency divider, equalizer, effect, etc. ) -> power amplifier to television, projection, etc.

shutdown order, in contrast to the boot order, so you can surely in the maintenance of our components from the dangers of the impact, to develop habits, the measure to improve our own acoustic device.

2, stacked devices not

stacked device means is to CD machine, power amplifier, converters, stacked together. Why do you say stacked devices not desirable? Primary stacked devices will surely extent suspension, the influence of second stacked device can make each other as with the power devices such as laser machine, can affect our overall sound.

so what is the right thing to do? Really want to avoid the brief method was to fold the components on the shelves dedicated, might be able to change a space larger local display.

3, clean sound to pay more attention to blind Angle

it is well known that the audio device not only can improve the effect of regular cleaning, also can at will improve the use of sound become old, yea, but in a clean, clean corner may be let's easy to forget about a point. Like audio wire terminal is the most easy to forget we clean corner.

to clean sound device terminal, is because in the terminal use after a period of time, more or less you will be presented with oxidation, oxidation of the oxide film will affect the contact state of audio devices, to drop our device quality. In clean, so we can use detergent to clean the terminal contacts, to ensure that our audio device can always adhere to the best of cohesion.

4, connection with nothing don't blind in

there are many enthusiasts friends around, the desktop to make it look more clean, will be a lot of wire in the together. It looks like in the desktop, but the will of the wire in time, also have the same need to pay attention to the local. That is not to be the power cord and signal lines in together, caused by alternating current flows through the wire, will affect the signal, cause a harm to our quality of the device.

other, friends also will not knot signal lines and horn line, it will affect the same sound quality, and signal lines and horn line if it is too long, to be able to change it shorter, but the signal is directional, it never made a mistake, when using the otherwise it will cause irreparable damage to the wire and device.

5, stereo voltage to pay more attention to the

actually see this title friends knew, although this is a brief to the problem of can't in brief, it is these seemingly mindless problem, however, many devices from the destruction of his friends. Friends all know that now the domestic most of the speakers is 220 v power supply planning, but some speakers back products to be imported, use 110 v power supply.

this situation if continue to use, might give you instant speakers dispensed. And before listening to also want to check the wiring is correct, the location of the potentiometer is too big. Want to deal with voltage trust many people have been very clear, only need a transformer will be easy to handle.

6, the microphone is bound to away

this trust many users will encounter enjoy KTV in the home, the microphone is if the speaker is too close, may be pointed to the speaker, will constitute a sound response in the noise, don't look down upon this point, if is in serious condition could be burned the high part of our speakers.

and speakers in the use of time, in addition to point to to pay more attention to the microphone, but also pay attention to stay away from magnetic fields, such as mobile phones and display, etc. , and sound cannot be placed too close, this situation will be trouble happened noise signal, so my friends just as use speakers, must pay attention to this.

actually speakers in using these taboos and there are many, such as the room signal disturb, the plug is negative part, wiring, speaker placement, etc. , this time we will first introduce my friends to the above these and some brief treatment method, if friends really love high quality music, want to go to the speakers this way is have a fever, a few small problem, must pay attention to, the last hope friends all to their own devices maintenance well, better enjoy beloved device of interest for a longer time.
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