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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using LED bluetooth speakers

by:Chairlady     2021-01-16

simple, built-in bluetooth chip with bluetooth broadcast equipment such as mobile phones, tablets and laptop cohesion, to replace the traditional bluetooth connection cable connection, link up quickly and easily. But can't say the bluetooth connection is all strengths, in fact no matter how bluetooth skills to carry out, the interval of the cohesion of transmission bandwidth and cover all has very big disparity with WiFi, but bluetooth speakers because universal earlier, and the price is relatively cheap, so the masses accept will be more easily.


1, bluetooth generality is undoubtedly the best, is also the longest history of the three top wireless audio solutions. From the earliest Ericsson mobile phone with bluetooth headset has begun for wireless audio service.

2, bluetooth compared with WIFI advantage is low power consumption.

WiFi speaker point-to-point connection:

: transmission interval shorter transmission bandwidth is unable to be of high quality audio
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