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The method of making a LED outdoor furniture

by:Chairlady     2021-01-07
Background technology:

outdoor furniture including fixed tents, folding tent, Roman umbrella, beach umbrella, outdoor tent, etc. Outdoor furniture is usually placed in the yard, the place such as square, park, however, the traditional outdoor furniture is often not the configuration of lamps and lanterns, the lighting at night is usually achieved by street lamp, garden lamp lights lighting.

from, the existing more Roman umbrella, beach umbrella, tents and other products, can configure led lamp string or light board, in order to realize lighting use, however this kind of structure is usually only suitable for decoration, it can't have good lighting effect. At the same time, the class structure of the luminous body is usually fixed in outdoor furniture directly, its portable mobile switching, has great use limitations.

the technical implementation elements:

the purpose of the utility model is to provide a kind of outdoor furniture with led outdoor mobile lighting, used to solve the technical problems, convenient and directly with the existing outdoor furniture, can provide good lighting effect, with convenient installation, convenient operation, good sex of wildcard characters.

the utility model solves the technical problems can adopt the following technical scheme:

a outdoor furniture with led outdoor mobile lighting, including battery group and the lamp holder, lamp body, lamp body group including two lamp holder described along the length direction parallel arrangement of the led unit interval, described on the lamp holder also has to hang unit and the installation of outdoor furniture.

holder including lamp holder ontology, described in the lamp holder in the body is equipped with two parallel light body installed slot, described the lamp body installation slot between set assembly, assembly described has assembled cavity in the body.

described assembly cavity in order to cooperate with battery installed, as described in groove surface runs on assembly panel, described in the assembly of surface has lifted the lid to open slots.

the led unit including led lamps and led lights, described the led lamp shade cover installation described in the lamp body slot on the surface, as described in article led lights along the described lamp body laying installation slot length direction.

holder made from ontology with aluminum.

described in the lamp holder also includes described in lamp holder body side of the head end plug and socket described in ontology at the other end of the end plug, suspension unit described respectively installed on the head end plug parts and described in the end plug.

described suspension unit for magnetic components, components and/or hook absorption described magnetic components including two magnetic body absorption, hook components including two hooks.

described link embedded slot installed on the hook, hook slot described in the head end plug, plug within the end of the parts and the hook pieces can smoking to pull hook slot described along the lateral and hanging state.

described the magnetic body tighten in the head end plug and the plug at the end of a bottom surface.

described the suspension unit can be installed on the lamp holder body bottom.

the utility model has the following advantages compared with existing technology and effect: by optimizing the design of this practical new type suspension unit, can be convenient with outdoor furniture; Optimization of lamp holder body, USES the aluminum structure design, easy to combination with the lamp body group, and the fitting effect is good; With double light structure, improve the overall lighting effects.
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