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The LED color lamp change color principle is what?

by:Chairlady     2021-01-24

the three primary colors is red, green, blue three colors, the human eye is sensitive to red, green, and blue is most, most of the color of the bai can be red, green and blue according to the proportion of different synthesis. Also most of the monochromatic light can be decomposed into red, green, blue three colored light.

light-emitting diode abbreviation for LED, light emitting diode with ordinary consists of a PN junction diode, also with unidirectional conductivity. When adding forward voltage to light emitting diode, from P area into N the holes and by N area into P area electronic, near the p-n junction several micrometers respectively with the hole recombination of electrons and P N area area, produce the spontaneous emission fluorescence.

the different of electrons and holes in semiconductor materials of different energy states. When the electrons and holes of composite release how much energy is different, the more energy release, the shorter the wavelength of light. Commonly used are red, green or yellow light diode.

Ed chip is a one-way bai conduction time, du wizard tong zhi, not light, so the two feet are zhuan dao is it against two fang shu to weld the two color lamp bead, light a chip is conductive to send a color of light, light another chip reverse conducting send another color.

there is a also is two feet, with 1/2/3 inside a chip, and a driver IC or PCB with small controller, only is the wizard generalist bright, then is to press a monochromatic frequency has been flashing or flashing in several colors, this is called speed.

and there's a 3/4 foot, 3 foot is generally 2 chip, in the middle of a foot is public the positive or negative, arbitrary conduction and public foot another foot, on a color. Four half a foot is three chips, there is a public the positive or negative
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