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Skil 3410-02 120-Volt Portable Table saw Review

by:Chairlady     2020-06-10
The Skil 3410-02 10 Inch Saw is an excellent value for money entry-level saw for home use or smaller work look. This saw is manufactured principally for easier construction work. It includes an aluminum table can be lighter compared to cast-iron making it simpler to transport from jobsite to jobsite. It features built-in carry handles. You may even store it quickly when you're not using it, due to its small size and light-weight. Being smaller as well as light weight is obviously a bonus for transportability and for storing. Yet, just like any involving small compact saw, there's also limits and downsides to the Skil 3410-02 portable saw. There's more vibrations and much less stability in light-weight table saws. Portable table saws are really not perfectly ideal for cutting thick associated with wood since the table-top is they canrrrt handle the size. There are a few points to know for your Skil 3410-02 saw. One common issue is the miter gauge because Skil used non-standard size to the miter gauge slot on the table top, which clarifies that it's tough to advance to a better miter gauge, or to use other types of sleds and jigs because it is not the market standard T-shaped slot for the miter. The miter gauge can developed into a bit loose previously slot which is the identical with various low rate table saws. Finally, more expensive table saws enjoy a soft-start feature on their motors causing to be able to jump slightly each time you switch them on, but the Skil 3410-02 table saw doesn't have thought. Contrary to the DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table saw and Bosch 4100 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw, the Skil 3410-02 table saw is not as distinct or gentle as them. Yet, as the Skil 3410-02 table saw is lighter making it simpler to carry and it's also cheaper than alternative portable table saws, consequently, a lot of skilled carpenters prefer it. The Skil 3410-02 10 inch saw has a 5,000 RPM motor. It possesses a heavy-duty collapsable steel stand along with quick-mount for quick installation and easy transport. A large 20' x 26' cast aluminum table work surface is included for big work pieces. For reliable measurements, there is a self-aligning rip fence, and an EZ view measurement system for a better setting. Skil 3410-02 120-Volt 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand - Technical Information: Heavy-duty Steel Stand with Quick Mount - fast set up and effortless mobility 3-1/2-Inch Cut Height Capacity - slices 4x materials Cast Aluminum Table - large 20 In. x 26 Wearing. table surface Self-Aligning Rip Fence - for exact measurements EZ view measurement system for effective settings Skil 3410-02 120-Volt 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand - Includes: One (1) 120 Volt 10' Table saw with Folding Stand One (1) Heavy-Duty Folding Stand One (1) Carbide-Tooth Blade Two (2) Blade Wrenches One (1) Self Aligning Rip Fence One (1) Miter Gauge The Users and Owners Pros and Cons - Skil 3410-02 129-Volt 10-Inch Table Saw: Pros: Great monetary value low-cost saw Light and portable Cons: Not great build quality as more expensive table saws The Skil 3410-02 120-Volt 10-Inch Saw Verdict: If you like portability, and don't desire a saw which makes super-precise cuts, and you're only having pretty tiny pieces of wood, the Skil 3410-02 table saw does the job great. And involved with cheaper than similar-sized portable table saws from the brands Dewalt, Bosch, and more. If you're homeowner to become a table saw meant for occasional use, plus other period it will probably be in a side after you anything, is actually important to hard to justify getting the more pricey model. A terrific, portable table saw for personal use or small work shop. Superb monetary value for inexperienced hobbyist. Not the best build-quality, you might have what you purchase, but this saw does a great task for that amount of income.
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