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Rectifying Error Message - Table is crashed and

by:Chairlady     2020-06-12
MySQL database tables act as the primary storage components for that data stored with your database. These tables can be updated, modified or deleted as per your requirement. Corruption in MySQL database tables primarily occurs brought about by insufficient disk space, usage of external program (like myisamchk) on a live table, improper mysqld (MySQL Server) shutdown, faulty memory, malicious software like virus and more. A lot of of the table corruption scenarios, you encounter an error message. Such error messages make the data saved in the table inaccessible. In such situations, backup acts as a boon to reinstate your data. But, in case of unavailability of an updated backup or backup falling in immediate need of providing required data, you need to opt for advanced MySQL Database Repair software.As a practical scenario, you run the below query to analyze your Accounts table:mysql>ANALYZE TABLE `Accounts`;You encounter the below error message after running the above query:'Table 'Accounts' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed'Data saved in the Accounts table becomes inaccessible marriage above error message appears.Cause:The Accounts table is crashed along with the automatic repair has failed.Resolution:To successfully repair the corrupted Accounts table and access its data, you will need to follow these steps: Use the below command to and analyze the corruption of Accounts table:Check Table Accounts Run any for this below commands to restore Accounts table:REPAIR TABLE `Accounts` USE_FRM;Ormysqlcheck -r -u username -ppassword d60476544 AccountsAfter running any of previously mentioned repair commands, may encounter the below error message: 'error : Insufficient memory for blob at 15946608 (need 182026713)'The above error message means that the repair commands were unsuccessful in repairing the Accounts kitchen table. For systematic repair of Accounts table, you require to use powerful MySQL Repair solutions. These MySQL Repair tools perform in-depth scan and repair of corrupted MySQL tables by advanced scanning techniques. Designed with self descriptive and interactive interface, this equipment work as user-friendly applications to repair and restore all corrupted business critical database factors.Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery For MySQL is the foremost MySQL Database Repair tool which can completely Repair MySQL objects like tables, primary key(s), relations, views and reasons. The software is compatible with MySQL 5.x and supports both (MyISAM and InnoDB) MySQL database storage engines. It supports Windows based recovery of MySQL database installed on Linux and Windows (Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000) platform.
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