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Protective Table Pads - Protect Your Table from Heat

by:Chairlady     2020-06-12
Protective table pads are an easy and relaxed process with Table Pad Factory. Table Pad Factory is a table pad company that manufactures customised table pads for dining room tables, kitchen tables, conference tables, buffet servers, coffee tables, end tables, servers and all other furniture and tables. We would be the largest table pad company offering you table protection products that are second to none, an easy and simple ordering process which can be done over the phone or online and with warranties that no one else in our industry will match. Our protective table pads have a 600 degree heat shield and lifetime warranty. We are proud to be the cutting edge website for table padding. We have customers all over the states and many other countries and are proud regarding recognized as the best table pad company. As long as fine tables are being made, there will always turn into need for table protection via table pads. Have to not, nor will there ever be, a substitute that will adequately protect your tables top from heat, scratches and spillages. Table Pads are meant to last a very long a chance. The money you will spend today on a custom table pad should be one in every of your better investments in life. We do not need to remind you how expensive it is to repair or refinish a tables top or surface. Table Pads are used to protect antique tables as well as brand new tables. Our table pads will give both you and your family peace of mind at a fraction of the cost of refinishing a table. Our table pads are custom made to suit your tables shape and width. Our custom table pads are obtainable in 3 choices for tops : solids, wood grains and leather-tone surfaces. The bottom is available in a cushioned soft velvet. Table Pads fold in half for easy handling and storage. Our table pads consist of a solid, lightweight fiberboard core that is unaffected by humidity and will not warp when standing upright, thereby saving utility area. Other table pad companies use cardboard which will bend and sag and extremely high. Our greatest claim-to-fame is our patented magnetic locking system (MaganaLoc ), which helps keep table pad sections together and prevents slipping and sliding. MaganaLocs are 100% user-friendly (unlike every other table pad locking device) and totally hidden and secured beneath a protective cloth surface, which helps make it impossible for damage to ever occur to your table surface. Magnetic table pads from Table Pad Factory are the best table pads online. The Table Pad Factory is a table pad company who manufactures Table Pads, Custom Table Pads, Conference Table Pads, Buffet Server Table Pads, Dining table Pads and Dining Room Table Pads to protect your treasured furniture from scratches, spills and heat damage. Our table pads company offers magnetic table pads at wholesale price tags.
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