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Mobile phone bluetooth connection LED sound didn't sound?

by:Chairlady     2021-01-10

at present, mobile phone is not only the tools of let's contact each other, entertainment and leisure as one of the intelligent device is set, especially as the use of the music broadcasting equipment are more common, and mobile phone bluetooth speakers there as a mobile phone music for equipment has more customers. So, cell phone bluetooth speakers cohesion didn't sound?

there is one, check the bluetooth speakers and music handsets matching success, when we have two mobile phones, bluetooth speakers cohesion is likely another cell phone, rather than let's broadcast music phones, this time will also cause the bluetooth speakers there is no sound;

2, check the phone volume regulate, bluetooth speakers sound source is a mobile phone, if the phone volume did not open, bluetooth speakers there is no way to music, so in the bluetooth speakers without sound, to check the mobile phone have opened the volume;

3, make sure the volume on the cell phone bluetooth speaker, bluetooth speaker volume need to open to broadcast out sound;

4, it is confirmed that the mobile phone bluetooth speaker volume is enough, a bluetooth speaker volume insufficient in silence or noise may appear smaller;
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