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LED scene lighting abroad how important trademark application?

by:Chairlady     2021-01-25

for modern intelligence, humanization, energy-saving lighting need to desire, people using appropriate light source, can adjust the lighting color make moderate intensity of illumination of artificial sun lighting technology. Two leap after the traditional lighting light source, the first is that people from mainly USES natural light to make the transition to use electric light source, appearance, is what we call the incandescent lamp of electric light source to replace the flame; The second leap is fluorescent lamp, also is the birth of the photoluminescence technology.

the world entertainment center LED lighting landscape wall into the 21st century, urban night landscape to the more attention both at home and abroad. The beauty of the night lights to symbol of urban modernization. Development of urban night landscape, is to show city features, and went into business and tourism boom and one of the 'hardware' article towards internationalization.

if the city without night scene lighting is unthinkable, so the city public buildings and landmarks, almost all bear the mission of night view lighting. Many domestic cities have realized the development of city night LED to sex of furniture, and made a lot of practical work, have achieved significant results.
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