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Incorrect Information in .FRM File of InnoDB Table

by:Chairlady     2020-06-19
MySQL organizes all the info as tables, irrespective of storage engine used. If you use MySQL with InnoDB tables, these tables might get corrupt due to hardware faults, unexpected power failure, MySQL code errors, kernel bugs and other similar reasons. In such cases, InnoDB will typically give some errors indicating table corruption. As a data restoration source, you use your latest database backup. But in case if backup fails to regenerate required information or doesn't exist, you should scan your damaged database using third-party MySQL Repair resources. You might encounter the similar error message while accessing an InnoDB table: '#1033 - Incorrect information in file: ' also.frm' MySQL crashes after you get this error message. Cause You receive this error message if InnoDB table is corrupted or stressed. An InnoDB table is stored as three files: .FRM (database table definition), of.MYI (Index file) and .MYD (table data). You will also error occurs if .FRM table is damaged or damaged. Solution To solve such problems, you should follow these steps: Check the table for corruption errors. To do so, you need on this CHECK TABLE command with options like QUICK, EXTENDED, CHANGED etc. to use on the basis of check required. The basic syntax is: CHECK TABLE tablename [options] If table corruption could be the issue, fix it using REPAIR TABLE command. Before using the command, you need to ensure that your disk contains about double the disk space as of damaged family table. REPAIR TABLE command can be used in combination with options like QUICK and EXTENDED with the following syntax: REPAIR TABLE tablename [options] If above measures cannot repair the damaged table, check your backup track record. If valid backup is available, delete the damaged table and restore from backup. If no valid backup is present, you can make use of MySQL Recovery software. These kinds of advanced tools to analyze and repair damaged MySQL tables. Using powerful scanning, these tools are also capable of maintaining database integrity. Moreover, these MySQL Repair applications come provided with rich interface. Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery For MySQL is an optimum tool to repair and restore damaged MySQL tables. It supports recovery for both InnoDB (.ibdata, .ibd and .frm) and MyISAM (.myd, .myi and .frm) database storage sites. The software supports MySQL 5.x. This non-destructive MySQL Recovery tool can restore all database objects, like tables, primary key(s), relations and other folks. It can recover databases of Windows and Linux platforms and is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, and 1999.
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