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In what ways rotomolding LED lighting market?

by:Chairlady     2021-01-17

plastic light for the LED lamps and lanterns is widely used in decoration, lighting and environmental purposes. At present, the LED lighting manufacturers and sales opponents basically on the same starting line.

the reason: is the most basic material combination of LED lamps and lanterns: light bead, driving power and the shell. Among them, the lamp bead technology center in chips. The research and development and production of the LED lamp bead chip in the world focused on one of the few enterprises. Drive power supply technology now stay on the arrangement and deployment of components of the circuit, can be quite high imitation degree. Consequently, in relatively plenty of domestic labor, drive power purchase prices are relatively low.

so as long as they can to control the LED quality, plastic lamp in LED application function and shape innovation, make full use of modern network and communication carrier, improve sales and service system, in the LED lighting market for carrier to build a career, is entirely possible.
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