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How to repair the LED bluetooth speaker?

by:Chairlady     2021-01-13

(1) avoid placed in sunlight insolate directly, don't close to the thermal radiation equipment, such as a furnace, heating pipe, etc. , also do not placed in wet local.

(2) the speaker before connect to the amplifier, you should cut off the power of the amplifier, avoid damaging the speaker.

(3) connected to the amplifier of the feeder should be safe, not dropped in by pulling, the positive and negative polarity cannot be wrong. The feeder to connect the speaker to meet thick, shoulds not be too long, avoid to cause losses and make damping deteriorate. Contrary to a maximum frequency response and 0. 5dB( 0. 75 was wire maximum length is 9 cm, 1. 5 wire was the maximum length of 14 m, 2. 0 was maximum length 21 m wire.

4. The speaker is right the impedance of the amplifier should be paid attention to the recommended value of

5) shall not exceed rated power use. Or quality will go bad, or even damage the speaker.

6 shell should use soft, dry cloth to wipe, do not besmear furniture wax or benzene, alcohols.

7) only with a soft brush to remove dust on the surface of the speaker, can't use a vacuum cleaner gettering.

to end speakers on the floor of the strong, robust, avoid the bass attenuation. Speakers don't be too close to the wall.

pet-name ruby do not place the speakers too close to the turntable, avoid to produce sound response caused by the noise.

attending such as with medium and high level adjustment, can be adjusted according to the requirements of listen to satisfy and burst.
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