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How to choose the suitable LED bluetooth speaker

by:Chairlady     2021-01-12

although bluetooth speakers compatibility was 100% to support existing bluetooth device, but I still want to buy before find out whether or not his broadcast equipment support bluetooth. Transmission interval

bluetooth speakers transmission interval is a issue for us. Bluetooth speakers transmission interval has nothing to do with bluetooth bottle, mainly depends on the degree of advanced skills. PowerClass2 specification transmission interval of 10 meters; While upgrading PowerClass1 will increase transmission interval to 100 meters, and to provide Hi Fi stereo effect. In general, the interval of cell phones and bluetooth speakers will not too far, safe transmission interval of about 10 meters. The bluetooth speakers are deploying to reach 10 meters specification.


when consumer purchasing Bluetooth speakers, often can see Bluetooth 1. 1 and 1. 2, 2. 0, 2. 1, 3. 0, 4. 0 such as Numbers, these Numbers represent the bottle is different, also represents the bluetooth speakers anti-jamming ability. In 2012 to 2. Most common, 3, 0. 0 is the new main stream, 4. 0 is just launched soon. The quality of the bluetooth bottle is different, is about to accept the signal. The new bottle is more focused on noise interference can be overcome. New bottle can be backward compatibility, when consumer choose and buy, should to measure prices and demand.

the built-in battery

bluetooth digital speakers are built-in battery, do the real wireless. The built-in battery is good or bad directly resolution the bluetooth digital sound broadcast time and service life. Please ask carefully before buying the actual broadcast time and the number of repeated charge attenuation. Claim as far as possible when consumers choose the bluetooth bluetooth speakers select polymer lithium battery, no explosion danger.

the battery type:

1) Polymer battery

strength: safe and effective, soft package no explosion hazard.

faults: manifolds of varieties, pure cobalt ( Good) And pure manganese ( Poor) Polymer battery price difference a few times.

2) 18650 battery

strength: with excellent performance, charge and discharge can reach quality level ( More for laptop batteries) , explosion-proof maintenance

disadvantages: teardown and old batteries more battery. The same 18650 battery 5 - good and bad price difference 10 times

3) Aluminum shell battery

strength: the price is very cheap

disadvantages: poor performance. No explosion protection measures, an explosion consequences.

battery maintenance board:

1) Battery charging and discharging of battery maintenance board with a less known and inferior brand maintenance do more bad, unstable easily damaged batteries and electronic devices.

2) Unstable current output not only affect the sound quality, and will cause a lot of current sound.

good quality battery charge and discharge can reach 80% of the initial capacity after 500 times. Poor quality of the battery charge and discharge the amounted to less than 50% of the initial capacity even after 100 times
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