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How many people in Kude export department?
Foshan Chairlady International Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of Kude and we are also specialized in the export business. At the initial stage of development, we focused on the enhancement of product quality and productivity and didn't establish an export department. With the increase of business volume and expansion of the sales market, we came to realize the importance of export specialists thus set up a team in charge of such affairs. Now, there are several employees related to export business recruited for having rich experience in export license application and negotiation. With such a team, we are more likely to tap into global markets.

As one of the leading led stool manufacturers in China, Kude has a strong manufacturing capacity and technical strength. Various in styles, Kude's led Bar Chair can meet the needs of different customers. Chairlady LED Cube Bluetooth is pre-tested and pre-certified. The results show that it exceeds not only current codes, but also exceeds the most stringent green building codes and standards in the market today. Giving off a romantic lighting effect, it creates a warm atmosphere. Paying more attention to the quality of led bar furniture will contribute to the brand image establishment of Chairlady. The product has a sturdy and durable structure.

We are working hard to gear production mode to more environmentally aware than ever. We will reuse resources and make production processes to meet compliance requirements.
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