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How many led bar chair are produced by Kude per month?
This year, 2019, has witnessed the expansion of production capacity of led bar chair at Foshan Chairlady International Co., Ltd. Now the monthly output is doubled almost compared to that when we just started the business. This enables us to receive large orders with no pressure. Additionally, we have certain inventories, which are also supplements when the orders have no specific requirements on any indicators. To sum up, we ensure the order processing at high efficiency and the delivery on time.

Kude is a dependable Chinese manufacturer. We mainly specialize in the development, production, and distribution of led light ice bucket. Various in styles, Kude's Led Outdoor Furniture can meet the needs of different customers. The safety of Chairlady led stool will be guaranteed by a series of standards. It is strictly in line with IEC international safety standards, electrical devices compatible standards, and electric leak-proof standards. Wireless is one of its biggest selling points, which brings much convenience. This product will not be easily out of shape. Its material has sufficient flexural strength and can bear the flexing forces that would cause deformation for an extended period of time. This product has been widely exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, etc.

The motivation to go green has increasingly become part of our company’s social responsibility. We will use energy-efficient appliances thereby cutting energy wastage during our business practices.
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