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Drivers, Beware of Bucket Seat Syndrome

by:Chairlady     2020-06-30
Drivers, Beware of Bucket Seat SyndromeBy Pamela Adams N.C.If you have low discomfort that never seems to resolvecompletely, no matter what you do for it; if you have neck andshoulder pain that comes and goes, you perhaps have Bucket SeatSyndrome. Individuals are hurt by their car seats than they areby not wearing seat belts. You may go years without an autoaccident, but you spend every day making use of a seat that, down theroad, is guaranteed to cause you pain.When car makers set about to look at bucket seat theymust have taken their idea of a typical driver (male, 5'11',170 lbs., who slouches badly) and created seat aroundhim. Ever afterward, we've all been forced with a position thatonly he finds comfortable.Today's car seats, particularly buckets, position your kneeshigher than your . This throws all your upper body weightback onto your gluteus maximus and piriformis musclesthrough which--and wishes the important part--the Sciatic nerveruns. Lay on that nerve often enough and long enough, and add afat wallet inside your back pocket, and will probably upward withshooting pains down one or both legs.Human beings were designed to sit about the pelvic bones,or ischium, those hard bones you sometimes feel when youfirst take a moment on a hard chair. Sitting on those bonesautomatically provides a natural arch in the small of our buttocks.When we sit this way, the sciatic nerve, sacroilliac joints,lumbar vertebrae and hips are unencumbered and unstressed.In order to take the pressure off your sciatic nerve, you mustdrive with your thighs parallel for the floor of the car, your hips at the same level as your knee joints. If you can adjust your seat to beflat, great. If not, fold a towel, use dropped an engine cushion, or pick a foamwedge to area in the dip from the seat.Sitting erect from a bucket seat, despite a wedge cushion, isnot easy. You will lumbar or low back support, too, to keepfrom leaning as well as causing neck and shoulder pain. Onceyou've positioned yourself as if you were on horseback, slip asmall rounded cushion or rolled up towel behind the small ofyour back.You are afraid to lean right back. Your lower body willsupport your upper back and head. Now relax your shouldersand place your hands on the wheel as are usually were holding thereins. You may preferably should bring your seat closer to the steeringwheel.At first, brand new strain way of driving will feel awkward at best anduncomfortable at worst. Go on. Soon you will recognize chroniclow back pain, stiff neck and shoulder pain obtain better andbetter._________________________Copyright (c) 2003 Pamela Adams D.C.Holistic health coach and ergonomics expert Dr. Pamela Adamsis author of 'Dr. Adams' Painless Guides; How to do Anythingand Everything Without Hurting Yourself.' Obtain the books and yourfree biweekly Self Health Newsletter at
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