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Desk lamp, LED color is not so difficult to do

by:Chairlady     2021-01-08

home before decorate a LED bulbs, more play to see.

just bought LED more than before the small bulbs and slide rheostat switch, consider how to play out flowers.

with me together, make a diy.

production time:

25 minutes

this period need material:

a (LED bulbs Not necessary, really, you can use a disposable paper cup instead of)

RGB tricolor LED lights, each a

wire several

two square aluminum tube, punch (in advance Is also necessary, can substitute sticks, etc)

base board ( Not necessary, what things can't be base! )

resistance knob switch 3 ( I detached from other things)

battery pack a

502 glue

hot-melt adhesive production process:

first unloaded eight big LED bulbs, LED lamp plate are removed;

if you're ready to use disposable paper cup, this step is saved.

RGB tricolor LED lamp bead, with 502 glue board in advance prepared the base;

connect the power cord ( Attention, please see video connection, don't pick the wrong) ;

assembly LED bulbs, and threading is fixed on the aluminium tube support, of course, if you use kind of wooden stick, with hot melt adhesive directly fixed well;

the stents in used as the base of the wood, series resistance knob switch, pay attention to the connection position don't make a mistake, the three groups switch with hot melt adhesive on board the base;

concatenated battery box, this step is very simple. In order to look good, wiring place I was using a heat shrinkable tube fixed line, no heat shrinkable tube, tape winding can also directly;

fixed battery box, open the battery compartment of the power switch, turn knob. Congratulations, and successfully obtained a new variable color LED small night light.
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