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Common types of outdoor LED decorative light have?

by:Chairlady     2021-01-11

before understanding led outdoor lighting, we first to understand the relevant knowledge of lamps and lanterns. Lamps and lanterns, refers to can be pervious to light, distribution, and change the distribution of a light source the light equipment, including all except light source all the components used in fixed and protection, also including the necessary circuit connected to the power supply accessories. Lamps and lanterns is used in all aspects of our life, our daily life, human society and the progress of production also can not do without it. The variety of lamps and lanterns, all kinds of lamp emerge in endlessly, led outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns is applied more widely a lamps and lanterns.

LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns categories:

1. LED lights

is used to pass in the night lighting.

2。 Solar street lamps

the sun for energy, energy storage battery, LED lamp as light source, charging at night during the day.

3。 Garden light

most tubes and fixtures are installed on the courtyard floor; Used in parks, street parks, hotels and industrial and mining enterprises, organs of the school yard and other places.

4。 Buried lights

durable, waterproof, heat dissipation good performance; Journey is widely used in shopping malls, car parks, green belts, parks, buried lights, swim attractions, residential district, city sculpture, walking street, the building steps etc.

5。 Wash the wall lamp

building decorative lighting or draw the outline of the outline of a large building.

6. Tunnel light

to solve vehicle brightness mutations make visual effect of 'black hole' or 'white holes should be', special used for tunnel lighting lamps and lanterns.

7。 Landscape lamp

high ornamental, and the scenic area of history and culture, the surrounding environment harmonious and unified. Applicable to the plaza, residential area, public green space landscape.

8。 Lawn lamp

is used for around the lawn lighting facilities, added security for urban green space and beautiful, easy installation, adornment sex is strong. Can be used for parks, villas and other surrounding the lawn and pedestrian street, parking lot, square and other places.

9。 Underwater light

appearance similar to some buried lights, chassis is screwed.

10. Fountains lamp

landscape fountain is widely used in square, garden fountain background lighting etc.

11。 Guardrail tube

can waterproof, dustproof and uv protection, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, environmental protection, energy saving energy saving, long life and other physical properties. Widely used in Bridges, roads, building walls, park, square, entertainment and other places.

12. Stage light

according to the development of the plot, the characters and needed to carry on the omni-directional visual particular scenario.

13。 Portable lamp

is often used in indoor, the mobility of the workplace and outdoor TV, movie photography etc.

14。 The traffic light

by three kinds of red, yellow, and green. Used for directing traffic lights.

15。 Auto lamp

in order to ensure the safety of all kinds of traffic lights. Lighting and light.

16。 Lamp belt of /

article lamp is another term for lamp tape, is named for its shape.

LED outdoor lighting installation note

a, outdoor lighting designers must consider the work environment of outdoor LED lamps and lanterns

due to the working environment is more complex, the temperature, ultraviolet radiation, humidity, rain rain, dust, chemical gas and other natural conditions, the influence of outdoor lighting in the design should be considered when the influence of environment factors on the LED lighting lamps and lanterns.

2, outdoor LED chips encapsulation technology

the current domestic production of LED lamps and lanterns, Mainly lamps) Are using more than 1 w leds in series, in parallel to assemble, this method is called encapsulation technology. Using 30 w, 50 w and even larger modules assembled, to achieve the required power, these LED encapsulation materials useful epoxy resin encapsulation. Is the difference between the two: epoxy resin encapsulation heat resistance is poorer, time is long aging. Silica gel encapsulation, good heat resistance, when using, should pay attention to choose.

3, outdoor LED lamps and lanterns in the aspect of heat dissipation material selection should pay attention to matters of

choose good thermal conductivity aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloys, as well as other alloys.

4, LED lamps and lanterns in the outdoor radiator design research

1. Clear LED lights need cooling power.

2。 Using type. Cost comparison: natural convection cooling cost minimum, wind cooling medium, the heat pipe radiator construction cost is higher, the jet refrigeration highest cost.

3。 Radiator design parameters: the coefficient of thermal conductivity of metal, the chip, radiator, ambient air thermal resistance, etc.

4。 Calculate the volume, area, shape, radiator.

5。 At room temperature is 39 ℃ - - 40 ℃, the temperature of lamps and lanterns whether meet the cooling requirement, if not satisfied, and recalculate and adjust.

6. The highest working temperature determine the LED lamps and lanterns license ( The environment temperature and temperature rise of the lamps and lanterns of licensing)

7。 Do waterproof, dustproof, anti-aging, stainless steel bolts, and with reference to our country promulgated the latest outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns of technical specifications, and the standard of city road lighting design.
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