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Chair Massage - The Little-known Side Effects

by:Chairlady     2020-07-03
Chair Massage (also called seated massage) was having to do with American, David Palmer on the early 1980's. This 15 minute massage is performed with the recipient seated on, and supported by an created chair. Even though chair massage is used mainly for relaxation and stress release in the workplace environment, chair massage is also works with the pregnant woman who has difficulty lying in a suitable position on the massage table. Aging adults and infirm also benefit from seated massage. An unexpected and uncommon side effect of seated massage can be nausea and fainting. This 'fainting phenomenon' occurs with people (mainly women) who are predisposed to low blood pressure. Typical instances of clients fainting include pregnant women, and some women experiencing menstruation. Diabetics who have allowed their blood sugar level to drop can also be affected. Missing a meal or snack before their massage puts the diabetic person at risk of fainting on the chair. Sometimes a regular seated massage client can experience a 'one-off' fainting spell for no apparent reason. A individual who has installments of nausea or fainting could also be at risk of this side style. For instance, specific who feels 'queasy' and nauseous when she gives blood. What then is the massage therapist to actually do? During the intake interview the practitioner must ask around the recipient's blood pressure and any history of fainting. The therapist must always inform customer to report the slightest feeling of queasiness or nausea your massage. If customer does faint on the chair, the therapist both support the client to avoid any injury, or help the unconscious person off the chair and lift his/her legs. Consciousness will soon return. There possibly be no side effects from the experience once it passes. However, fainting could be a supply of embarassment for that client. The therapist in order to be re-assure the individual that fainting can indeed occur throughout a seated massage, but that there are no after outcomes. It become helpful to give a simple explanation with the fainting phenomenon. One of the well known benefits of massage is relaxation. As soon as the body relaxes, blood pressure is decreased. When this occurs during a table massage, nothing happens until customer sits up after the massage. Customer may feel a little 'spaced out' or 'heady'. If customer gets from the table too quickly, that is when she may feel dizzy. However, during a seated massage, the effect of less blood flow to the brain is urgent. Dizziness and nausea may thus result. In summary, then, appeared essential that almost all seated massage practitioners comprehend of the fainting phenomenon and take all steps to cure it happening using their clients.
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