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Buy Tax Liens Over the Counter

by:Chairlady     2020-07-04
Maybe the intense competition and split-second decisions inherent to an auction make you nervous. Maybe wish have the time or the extra gas money to travel to an out-of-state sale. Or maybe all the auctions you've attended lately haven't been offering the type of properties you typically invest in. Whatever your reasons, if you'd rather forego the auction, over-the-counter tax liens are an option worth exploring. Any kind of time tax lien auction, there is a finite amount of one's time in which to sell the properties. As soon as the time limit expires, any unsold properties become 'leftovers.' And the county government doesn't want to remain burdened with these leftovers. This exactly where the sale of over-the-counter tax liens comes in. If you'd like to participate in these over-the-counter sales, you will to get involved with the county you're interested in. The county will then a person with a complete registry of available tax liens that to peruse and purchase from as you please, at your own pace. There's no bidding, no levels. Once you purchase a lien, the maximum statuary rate is applied. No one willing to accept a lower interest rate can snatch the property from you. More turbines could more money for you. If you know how to complete a transaction, you can inside the over-the-counter tax lien sales. The Pros Over-the-counter tax liens completely eliminate travel-and all the expenses it entails-- for the picture. You save money on gas, plane tickets, restaurant stops, et al. This increases your profits overall. You tend to make great money off the comfort of the home by purchasing tax liens via the mail or the online world. The Cons The obvious disadvantage to over-the-counter tax liens: components the properties that were overlooked or unwanted. When you are a knowledgeable investor understands the difference between a bargain and a train wreck, you may just stumble upon a diamond in the rough. Do not count on finding the deal of a whole life among type of array. Consider over-the-counter tax liens as something for diversifying your portfolio and giving you access to properties may likely not consider investing in at an auction. Brent Crouch is proprietor of He has dedicated this amazing site to revealing how acquire tax liens over the counter and other resources dedicated to investing in tax lien property.
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