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Bluetooth stereo what are the common problems

by:Chairlady     2021-01-09

speaker system is one of the important part of audio equipment, usually by the speaker, frequency divider, enclosure, sound-absorbing materials, etc. Sound system with low fault rate, fault type, less common problem has the following three categories. Silent

1. Speaker wire is broken or abnormal frequency divider.

2。 Voice coil is broken.

3。 Speaker wire broken.

4。 Voice coil burned.

sound sometimes no

1. The speaker fuses.

2。 Voice coil lead wire break or short circuit.

3。 Power amplifier output pin or poor contact amp input line break off.

4。 Loudspeaker performance bad

5. Loose core column.

6. Abnormal frequency divider.

sound abnormal

1. Magnetic gap with sundry.

2。 Voice coil core.

3。 Break away from the paper cone.

4。 Bad housing.
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