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Foshan Chairlady International Co., Ltd located in the beautiful Nanhai Foshan city, Guangdong province, China.    


We have 9 years experience in manufacture, R&D, and export of LED furniture, LED bar table & chair, LED ice bucket, LED flowerpot, LED waterproof ball, LED outdoor & indoor decoration lighting series.


Meanwhile our company have new development on park glowing LED equipment, like LED park chair, LED solar barrier column, barrier ball. With the main function of IR, RF, DMX, WIFI touch control, our products are widely used in bar, KTV, party& events, concerts, exhibitions, garden etc. to create a fashion atmosphere, and to achieve very luxury, beautiful and romantic lighting effects.



We are a professional manufacturer of LED furniture, LED decoration, and outdoor glowing LED equipment. We provide one-stop service processing, OEM, ODM and rotational lighting products. Our LED furniture have been exported to United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia and other overseas countries.


Foshan Chairlady International Co., Ltd is committed to the development of high-tech, innovative, environmentally friendly LED products. We sincerely look forward to establishing warm and last long cooperation with customers from all over the world!

Company Development

Foshan Chairlady International Co., Ltd(former Foshan Kude Electronic Products CO., Ltd) was founded in 2009 in Foshan City, China. We were committed to be the leading company in China in designing and manufacturing decorative, luxurious and glowing LED furniture. With the dream of producing difference and pursuing high quality products for all customers, we work steadily, struggled and progress with happies.


In October 2008

Foshan Kude Electronic Products Co., Ltd was founded with a 400㎡ plant, engaged in electronic processing offering ODM and OEM service. With sincere and devoted to the sale, and solid quality, we built up an image of “excellent quality is Kude”.  In a tough start up environment, our customers gave us strongly support. Meanwhile we rewarded excellent quality products and fast delivery to our customers.  


In the year 2012

With the continuous development of electronic product business, we widened our idea not only focus on electronic products. We built up the finished products factory and expanded production, mainly producing rotational moulding decoration lamp and rotational moulding furniture. This helped us established our owned products advantage of better price and higher quality.


In the year 2014

After 2 years development and precipitation, we gained more recognition from our customers. In order to have a better view of development for customers and suppliers also ourselves, we moved to a 3000㎡ plant. Since then we have our own rotational moulding workshop, electronic workshop, and assembling workshop. We achieved the self better control from material to finished products, which made us the core competitiveness of our company up to a higher level.


In the year 2018

With the development of our factory and the trend of domestic and foreign market, we have a new orientation. We payed our attention to the outdoor glowing LED furniture and equipment for park, square, hotel and leisure entertainment place. We focused on the R&D and customization such as LED solar barrier column, barrier ball, LED park chair etc.. In order to make a new breakthrough, we enlarged our plant area again, increased hardware workshop and extrusion workshop. We made this change with only one idea, to push our brand “chairlady” to all over the world, to be a real world’s  respected Chinese enterprise.

We sincerely look forward to establishing warm and last long cooperation with customers

from all over the world!


Qualification certification

Months ago, attracted by our presentation of products in the industry exhibition,

one customer hoped to work with us.

Cooperative client

Months ago, attracted by our presentation of products in the industry exhibition,

one customer hoped to work with us.Feel deeply grateful, on past years Exhibition Fairs,

customers gave us a great deal of trust and support, which turn into power, we worked hard and made improvement step by step.

We cherish all customers’ coming to visit our factory. Their support is our motivation.


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We sincerely look forward to establishing warm and last longcooperation

with customers from all over the world!


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